Best Reference Books for CBSE Board Exams

The first education board to be set up in India was the CBSE. It is an organization introduced by the government of India, which is designed to support both higher and intermediate levels of education. It has become a well-known board of education with its main aim to provide accurate syllabus and additional information about the subject, both, practically and theoretically.

Class 10 and 12 are considered as the stepping stones for higher studies. Since all the basic concepts are taught in these grades, every student should be regular in their classes and stay focused towards their studies. During their exam preparation time, most of the students will be in a dilemma or confused to select which books are the best among the vast study materials. To help students with their preparations, here is a list of the few reference books which can be quite helpful for the students in their exam preparations.

NCERT textbooks 

Those students preparing for their CBSE board exams commonly refer to the NCERT books including, NCERT textbooks, NCERT Exemplar, and NCERT solutions. These books are prescribed by the CBSE board and are considered as the best and abundant for CBSE exam preparation.

Other reference books for class 12 Board exams are: 

Students can also refer to these books for the Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths subject and practice more diagrams, sample questions, important questions and other objective types of questions. These books include:

  • Chand’s Biology for Class XII
  • Concepts of Physics by HC Verma.
  • 15 Sample Question Papers by Arihant.
  • ABC of Biology and Chemistry by Modern Publications.
  • Senior Secondary School Mathematics: for Class 12 by RS Agarwal.

Along with these books, students should also refer to their class notes and solve more questions from their textbooks. Those students who find difficulties in learning or understanding the maths formulas and derivations can strengthen their basics by solving more problems from NCERT exemplar class 8 maths. There are many education websites which provide free NCERT Exemplar problems with solutions.

These were some important and the best reference books for those students preparing for their CBSE board exams.

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