Why Nurses Should Get Their MBA

Why nurses should get their MBA is an interesting question. In some ways, it’s similar to asking the question of why physicians should have their Masters of Business Administration degree. Both nursing and medical professions are extremely profitable fields. Both of them offer excellent benefits and, depending on your position, good salaries as well. What many nurses do not realize, however, is that those benefits and salary increases are not going to be available to them without a degree.

A Masters degree can become a problem because so few nurses begin their careers in the nursing field. For that reason, the salary of nurses who receive their MBA degrees is often below those who just have a high school diploma or GED. Even for nurses with a higher education, there are fewer opportunities for promotions. That means that some nurses with an MBA to become consultants, others become administrative assistants, and still others find other ways to become more involved in patient care.

There is no question that nurses can succeed if they want to. Many nurses already have a high school degree or a GED, and many nurses start out in the frontlines of medicine, working with children, battling germs, and caring for sick people. If you want to work in the front lines, however, you need more than just the skills of a good nurse. You need a deeper understanding of how the healthcare industry works. You need to be able to build bridges between doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals.

Getting your MBA could help you achieve that goal. You can get a Masters degree in Nursing from a reputable university. You can also obtain your undergraduate degree in nursing, but obtaining an advanced degree in nursing opens up new and different career opportunities. You might be surprised to find out, for instance, that you can open your own consulting firm.

The first step to becoming a successful nurse is getting your Masters degree. Second step? Get an MBA. With both, you can become financially secure and realize your dreams of being a top nurse. In fact, many nurses go on to become CEOs of nursing hospitals or major corporations.

As you can see, medicine has changed dramatically. Not only have technology and other forms of medicine were developed to make your job easier, but you can get your Master’s in Nursing or MBA online. Why not go for it? You can do it – you’ve already learned how.