Which is better Railway NTPC Job? Station Master or Commercial Apprentice

Railway Recruitment Board allows the candidate to apply for his desired field and you have to pass the test to get recommended in your desireful job. A Railway Recruitment Board admit card provides an assurance for the candidate to be eligible to appear for the test. Railway Recruitment Board admit card is available online after the submission of your application.
Each year, a large number of vacancies are introduced by Railway Recruitment Board and candidates often get confused to choose their suitable field.

In a Railway NTPC job, there are two vacancies, which are of Station Master and Commercial Apprentice. What are the perks of each job and what are their privation?

Both are of great level jobs and it is difficult to select one. Both the jobs are the backbones for the entire system.

Job Profile and Job Timings:-

Station Master:

A Station Master job is an 8-hour shift job. The shift changes every 8 hours. A Station Master has to ensure the systematic running of the trains under the designated area. Also, the station master has to operate the coordination of mechanisms by the handbook, provided by Railway Authorities. This is a hectic and all-time alert job. One cannot study during job hours. The penalty is severe and is directly related to training operations.
You’ll be posted as Assistant Station Master/Station Master/Assistant Operation Manager/Divisional Operations Manager.

Commercial Apprentice:

A Commercial Apprentice job is a both-shift type job and for the day time only. The earlier training period for a Commercial Apprentice was 2 years but recent circular by Railway Recruitment Board has curtailed the training period to less than 100 days. This is a less hectic job as compared to the Station Master job and during job hours, one can study for future exams. There are also fewer chances of a penalty and is not related to training operations.

After training, you’ll be posted as Commercial Supervisor/Goods Supervisor/Parcel Supervisor/Commercial Inspector.

Job Posting:-

Station Master:

Station Master job is a job with lots of responsibilities. You have to serve in different types of atmosphere.

A Station Master can be posted at any station in the division but there is more initial posting at small places. Your posting doesn’t depend on Railway Earnings.

Commercial Apprentice:

A Commercial Apprentice is also posted in Divisional Offices, Control Rooms, etc. Being almost on-duty at all the times is the hallmark of the job of a Commercial Apprentice.

In Commercial Apprentice job, an individual is posted at designated stations. Your posting may depend on your Railway Earnings.


Station Master:

A Station Master is first promoted to DY SS in 2-3 years after joining. From DY SS, an individual is promoted to SS. SS or AOM is an officers rank.
After that, you’re promoted to DOM and in the end, you’re promoted to SR DOM, which is the highest rank of a Station Master.

Commercial Apprentice:

A Commercial Apprentice is first promoted to SR CI and then promoted to ACM, which is an officer rank.

After that, an individual is promoted to DCM and in the end, you will advance to SR DCM, which is the highest rank.

Which job is better?

The major difference between Station Master and Commercial Apprentice job is that each year, there are a large number of vacancies for the Station Master as compared to the Commercial Apprentice, of which the vacancies are less. So there is more chance to get advanced to the officer rank as a Commercial Apprentice.

Promotion aspects as a Commercial Apprentice are better in terms of a Station Master.