Temporary Buildings for Schools

Just like in business where at times you may need to build a temporary structure, the same can be applicable for schools. Temporary school buildings are a viable option, especially when you have an expansion project or when doing large-scale construction.

There are several factors that can drive a school management team to consider having temporary buildings. Your school might be having higher enrollments, a need for modernization, or a low budget that is only enough for temporary buildings. Whatever the reason is, you can be assured that these temporary school buildings can be completed in time to beat any deadline.

Building temporary structures for your school will be very beneficial. As you strive to provide more room for the growing student population, ensure that you are dealing with a reputable contractor. Remember that the safety of the students and your staff should come first. In this article, we discuss why you should consider having temporary buildings for schools.

Construction speed

We have highlighted above some of the reasons why you might need a temporary school building. Your school population may be growing, meaning that you need additional classrooms, classroom extensions, and even labs. To cater for your growing population needs, these structures must be completed as quickly as possible.

Temporary School buildings can be completed and fitted with everything in less than a week. While permanent structures can take years to be completed, you can have temporary school buildings up and running within 5 days. At times, we do not have the luxury of time on our side. That is why opting for a temporary structure is a viable option.


Sometimes you just do not have the funds to build a permanent building for your school. But this should not stop you from carrying on with your expansion project. You can look into temporary buildings.

Some people think that temporary structures are not safe and lack the element of beauty, but that is not true. Temporary buildings can be highly durable, strong, and safe. We have modern designs for these temporary buildings that are appealing to the eye. Despite the attractiveness of these buildings, they are cheaper and can be completed within a short amount of time.

No ground preparation required

If you have to build a permanent building, the ground must be prepared. This is not needed when building temporary structures. The entire structure is made up of a PVC fabric that is very flexible. This means that the building can even stand tall and safe on an uneven surface.

The structures can come in various options depending on your budget. You can have a basic canopy that is suspended above the ground with bolts or spikes or opt for a full walled building. The buildings can be reused or redefined for a different use.

We all know how important teaching buildings are. Normal school operations should not be affected because of lack of adequate space, which can be solved by erecting temporary structures. Even on a low budget, you can set up a temporary school building that is even fitted with electricity. If you are doing refurbishment on your current buildings, set up a temporary structure as the refurbishing goes on.