7 Amazing Free Online Courses You Need to Enroll in Now!

Do you dream of an exciting career in IT? Or does the idea of crunching numbers excite you?

Or are you more of a creative person with interest in fashion and graphics designing?

Whatever may be your calling and area of interest, we have found some amazing new courses that fit the bill.

Most of these are online certificate courses – so not only will you end up learning an additional skill, but also have a certification to add credibility and weight to your resume!

1.Course on programming basics: Today, everything is getting digitized. Initially it was just the big corporates who had their own websites and worked online. With Corona however, almost every industry has been forced to go online. The result? Everyone wants to have a presence on the internet.

Such a course is especially beneficial for women who are looking to stay at home and work since this field allows for a lot of work from home opportunities for women.

2.Big Data Analytics:  Over the past few years, the popularity of analytics and data science has increased. Many businesses prefer taking business decisions based on numbers and after analyzing data patterns.

What this course basically does is help students understand how to analyze data, make sense of numbers and use data to predict profitable next steps for any business or company.

3.Actuarial Science: This is another emerging area of interest for many businesses today. Actuarial Science makes use of mathematics and statistical methods to asses risks in businesses. 

Investment and Financial Services, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, General Insurance and Employee Retirement and Benefit Plans – are some of the businesses where Actuarial Science is used to assess risks and calculate insurance premium.

4.Fashion design illustration: This course gives a quick crash course into all things fashion – from understanding the materials that one can use while designing fashionable garments, to helping one create an actual computerized design of one’s creation…This course has it all!  In general, too, there are some good online courses for women in this steam.

5.Virtual Reality:  Geometric modelling, knowledge of hardware and software needed to become a professional in this field, this course has all the fundamentals. This course is essential for those looking to make a career in virtual reality. 

6.Computer Graphics: This course is part of Computer Science and Engineering. It is a compressive course for beginners which covers all the key areas of interest such as 3D transformations, digital image processing and so on. 

7.Introduction to Marketing Management: This is an evergreen area like teaching. Gives an overview into the different aspects of marketing long with real life case studies.