11 English Podcasts Every English Learner Should Listen To

In this digital timespan, learning anything, including language, is so much easier as opposed to ages before where you’d be forced to reading boring textbooks or take hours, even years, of lessons. These does toll a heavy load on your wallet, doesn’t it? Well, with your phone or computer, you can learn English easily and fast with you on the front wheel of the learning process. Podcasts make this possible and they can be listened to online or downloaded so that you can learn English effortlessly wherever you are. Here are a few podcasts we’ve listed to help you become a native English speaker.

  1. Effortlessly easy Podcast Since 2006, A.J. Hoge has been on the English teaching niche. He’s very articulate and gratifyingly seeds his lessons with both charisma and priceless intuitions to the podcast’s members. The podcast also has a hefty following crowd on popular social media platforms where one can interact with AJ himself or the folks following this favourited podcast.
  2. All Ears English Podcast Two hype girls, Michelle and Lindsay, make it really fun to learn English with their jolly take to bringing out the fun in learning. They are not shy to showcase their flaws as human beings and give incredible insights and updates as well connecting with their listeners adding that their mantra is “Connection NOT Perfection!”
  3. 6 Minute English This is a very interactive podcasts made by the BBC. Daily vocabulary and dialogue features are included in every episode as well as transcripts and questions of the week whose answers are in the program thus keeping you interested every week. Learning English has never been easier.
  4. Podcasts in English This website entails a number of podcasts, about five minutes each, with support materials and inclusive accompaniments that help you learn English in a pool of a diverse knowledgebase.
  5. Voice of America: Learning English The podcasts on this website are pre-inclusive for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners all categorized according to the level you’re in. They are both informative and enlightening. With programs such as “Let’s learn English” and many more, your learning couldn’t be better!
  6. The English We Speak Another podcast from the BBC. The weekly podcasts focuses on everyday phrases and slang that you would hear spoken by native speakers and with the slightly slower speed mode that they are presented in, you’ll learn in no time.
  7. Splendid Speaking This podcast is fascinating in that it features recorded dialogues of non-native English speakers who learnt English and got reviewed by experts. This way you are able to hear how others learnt and learn from their mistakes.
  8. Better at English This podcast is one for the assertive learners who want to challenge themselves to learn English at a supplement tone.
  9. ESL Pod The hosts of this podcast are two PHD holders in applied linguistics who concentrate on deriving meanings to key words and their uses. A learning guide is provided in each podcast.
  10. Luke’s English Podcast Comedian and highly-qualified teacher Luke Thompson entertains you in a way that makes you learn English as you laugh, that’s his intention.
  11. Aussie English Listen to this podcast to learn and speak English like a fair Australian.

Author Detail: Sumit Vyas is the digital marketer. Currently sumit associated with Spoken English Club which provides English Speaking Classes in Lajpat Nagar and English Speaking Course in South Extension.