UPSC 2019: Civil Services Examination(Prelims)

The UPSC 2019 Prelims exam is almost upon us. With less than a month to go, aspirants would be hard pressed to find time for anything other than revision. Hopefully, all of the UPSC syllabus would have been covered thoroughly at least once. Here are a few tips to handle last-minute preparations for the examination.

  • Go through the UPSC syllabus and notification once to check if anything has been missed. If it is, then there is still time to learn those concepts to an acceptable level.
  • Revise current affairs notes and draw inferences from the latest developments about the subject at hand. For instance, if a news item talks about a recent launch of an Indian Space Mission, you can connect it to India’s space programme and related concepts.
  • Continue reading the newspaper for at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Start getting good sleep if you have not been doing that already. Being fresh and alert on examination day is very important for success.
  • Get a print out of the admit card well in advance and explore the routes to your examination centre to avoid wasting time on the day of the exam.
  • Tweak your schedule to minimize focus on topics for the mains till the Prelims are over next month.
  • If possible, appear for mock tests based on the UPSC exam pattern and keep track of the scores. If you do not see appreciable improvement, tweak your revision strategy to make the best of the limited time available.
  • Read up on various developments in the administrative world. This would come in handy for understanding the context in which questions are asked in the UPSC exam.
  • Focus on scoring areas of the UPSC syllabus based on toppers tips to maximise your scoring ability in the exam. Topics such as the Constitution of India, Indian National Movement and Physical Geography are easy to answer in objective exams like the CSE.
  • Solve as many CSAT questions as you can every day. The UPSC CSAT paper is very practice intensive as it requires candidates to think on their feet. This means finding the fastest and most accurate way to solve aptitude related questions should be mastered before the exam. Enough practice would make sure that solving aptitude questions becomes second nature for the aspirant.

The above tips have stood many aspirants in good stead. Apart from these, candidates can also explore what else works for them. Some aspects such as the focus on current affairs, being well rested on the day of the examination and reading the newspaper are a must. Other aspects can be personalized according to the candidate’s needs. Rest and recreation while important during the final days of preparation, while important, should not be overdone. Also, if you have identified weak areas in advance, it will be helpful to read the study material for those topics again at least once before the exam. Continued revision and unwavering focus will surely get you the success you deserve in UPSC 2019.

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