Getting a Teacher Certification with MBA

These are a few ways to get teacher’s certification after MBA or prior applying for a job as an sprouting educationist. 

MBA today has become a standard degree in business world, classifying upper and lower management. Degree program leads to a rewarding professional career, even teaching in top universities around the world. The Bureau of Labour Statistics says that teaching jobs between 2008 and 18 are likely to increase above 13 percent. Though teachers don’t usually make as much dough as top executives, a rough estimation reveals they can at-least top their account with more than $90,000 per annum.

Transition from business to teaching is fairly easy. Even after getting a bachelor’s degree, all you need is to pursue for MBA or teaching certification alternatively that’s bestowed to outstanding teachers from the pool by state’s educational guild! Here’s how to win a teacher certification with MBA.

Eye for Alternate Certification

The first thing is to visit state’s education department website to determine requisites for alternate certification. Being an MBA, your resume’ can easily win you a career as business education teacher in many countries. Every university offer business education as a part of regular high-school curriculum. If, for some reason your country/university isn’t offering particular business education, mull over relevant certifications like economics, finance so on.

Write an Application

Next, fulfil application requisites for alternate certification and have it submitted to appropriate education department. Also provide supporting documents, any training and expertise for eligibility alongside curriculum vitae. If possible, also attach university or college transcripts, application fee and relevant materials before submission. Ensure all the documents and information provided is legitimate.

The Exam

Upon successful acceptance of your application, take certification exams and do well. You must earn a passing score to get certificate. However, the documents you provided earlier will be evaluated before approval to sit in certification exam session. Once everything’s clear, the education board would give you approval to take the paper and be punctual. Better arrive 30 minutes before exam time to avoid any inconvenience.

The Aftermath

Moving onwards, after passing the exam and paperwork verified, you’ll be provided a fingerprint card allowing you to complete background check by utilising an electronic fingerprint technique, known as biometric. You’ve to pay a nominal fee for the service that’s normally fulfilled at local law enforcement agency.

Interview with the Board – An Eye Opener Experience

It has been observed that many aspiring graduates, on account of their high grades and degree consider teaching as a cinch. Before winning the appropriate position, there’s always a final call or as we say “saving the best and toughest for the last”! Candidate goes through an in-depth screening and interview session taken by higher educational council and it’s here the biggest one’s fail.

Interview calls for having outstanding communication and analytical skills to tackle each question carefully. Obviously a teacher is a role model and becoming one for a university requires higher level of interest hence proceed boldly. Interview is taken by several board members throwing different questions to check how easily you can tackle them; creating a similar classroom environment.

Why Fly to Dubai for MBA?

Being a business and a budding educational hub, MBA degree KSA won’t just teach but train individual for professional career. One can easily pursue for a teacher in any top institutions after the degree program and teacher’s certification.